Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Desperate Plea

Screw my stuff. But for the love of anything holy in this world, do the following:

1. Buy Tony Millionaire books. The gentler souls (like me) should buy his picture books. They're beautiful.
2. The rougher, more cynical among you (like me) should buy his Maakies collections. I was laughing til the tears rolled last night.
3. Go read Maakies on line.
4. The lazier among you (like me) should watch this pilot for the Drinky Crow show. This intro is also quite uplifting. The Drinky Crow show is now on Adult Swim here. It looks like it's done in 3D with 2D texturing and funky compositing. It's a cool look.

Oh yeah, still shooting for Monday for the Arms and Ether launch.

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