Thursday, January 22, 2009

Midweek Preview

What fabulous fragment is this unearthed 'neath Chronos' bones? Tune in Monday, January 26, 2009 for the latest installment of Arms and Ether. Fanfare. Garlands. Dancing. Physiognomy.

Got some decent drawing done this morning after waking up from a nightmare at 5 a.m. Lots to think and draw about these days. Time to work up some Maya magic for class this afternoon. Need more coffee. Liquid courage.

Lots of ideas percolating for the "hard launch" Arms and Ether rollout. The button thing in yesterday's post has got me thinking about a far more phantasmagorical website. I'll burn in hellfire for it, but since I can do it, why not? I'm like Shatner or Anthony Hopkins in that way. Sure, I can act, but I can sing too! Holy @#$%^#$%&* I'd never actually SEEN the Shatner Rocket Man before. Go. Now. See. Believe.

God knows when the Arms and Ether "hard-launch" will happen, though. Realistically, I'm thinking summer, and why not? A rocket. . . man.

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